PIXSTOX Bonds is a fixed income research platform and part of the PIXSTOX Platform. It designed to capture data and track performance of all popular fixed income asset categories, including Corporate Bonds, Certificates of Deposits, Commercial Papers, Asset Backed Securities and Covered Bonds. The platform provides investors with tools to screen bonds for research, fetch their information from available data sources and information providers, analyze possible performance, rating movements and pricing and view risk analytics of these instruments in their portfolio.

PIXSTOX Bonds is Fixed income Platform with data on all listed Corporate & ABS bonds including their details, analysis, pricing, fundamental analysis and credit default risk. PIXSTOX Bonds provides both Credit and Fundamental view of each issuer and bonds, based on their annual and quarterly performance data. The data feeds into credit analytics and models building a dynamic Credit View of the issuer, which provides early warning signals, much before ratings change. PIXSTOX Bonds uses Zero Coupon Yield Curve from CCIL to construct Spot and Forward Interest rates, which are used to price every bond listed on the Indian Exchanges. A Bond Screener allows Asset Managers to search through all the hosted information and analytics to identify investment opportunities in the Indian Fixed Income market. PIXSTOX Bonds provides an intuitive and unique view on all the bonds, issued by a company, payment history, payment schedule, maturity profile and cashflow analysis to review the upcoming payments. PIXSTOX Bonds uses Big Data framework, Open Source quantitative computing engine, open source Artificial Intelligence platform and is available as both a User Based Subscription model as well as SaaS on the Cloud. 

PIXSTOX Bonds provides the following :

  1. Over 10+ years of Financial Data, Ratios and Analytics on listed companies issuing listed Corporate Bonds
  2. Over 16 quarters of detailed Balance Sheet, P&L and Cashflow Statement
  3. Ratios and Analytics to provide view on Credit Performance and Interest Coverage
  4. View of all bonds issued by the Corporate, with
    1. Historical performance
    2. Bond Pricing & PIXSTOX Bond Pricing
    3. Payment Schedule and Maturity Profile
  5. Tools to construct multiple views to assist research, screeners to sift through data for opportunities and resources to build knowledge framework
  6. Use of AI and Machine learning to support asset selection and optimization
  • Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Wealth Advisors
  • Stock Brokers
  • Research Firms


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