Fixed Income

IPeritus has consistently delivered research and insights to Asset Managers, improving their ability to manage key challenges in valuation, risk mitigation, compliance and investor reporting. The IPeritus Fixed Income Practice is designed to cater to all institutional investors and credit market participants.

IPeritus has proven capabilities in modeling of fixed income and structured products like CLO/CDO, Asset Backed Securities including RMBS, CMBS, Auto Loans, MSME Loans, Covered Bonds, Corporate Bonds and Distressed Assets. IPeritus has modeled over 2000+ ABS deals issued in European and American markets. We have been assisting investors in pricing pre-issuance deals and measuring the risk in deals in the market. Our credit analysts have adopted popular methodologies in profiling risks in individual loans in ABS, Covered Bonds and Loan portfolios, tempering the cashflow to reflect the risks and the payouts to bond holders. 

For Corporate and Municipal Bonds, we use financial performance data, project cashflows and probability estimates of these cashflows, to price these bonds. We stress these assets with various scenarios and review their possible rating transitions and use the risk to price these products.

IPeritus has worked with some of the leading Investment Banks and investors across the world, reporting on deal and performance analytics. IPeritus is also actively engaged in developing the Indian securitization industry. We have, in the past, helped organize the India Securitization Summit under the aegis of the National Institute of Securities Market (SEBI Body).


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