Institutionalizing your proprietary investment approach requires capturing not only your unique research methodology and insights but also research history and investment decisions. I-Peritus Ideas2Execute (I2E), allows you to systematize your methodology and history, by acquiring the rigor, insights and innovation you use in selecting ideas, building research and making the portfolio and fund management decisions into a framework. I2E helps you understand your investors, while showcasing a performance backed by thoroughness of your methodology and efficiency of your decisions.

I2E is a collaborative research management platform providing end-to-end solution, integrating idea generation and research with investment support. The platform provides a unified view of data, research, investment hypothesis, decisions, trades and their outcomes from a central repository in the proprietary framework. Collaborative Enterprise Social tools help teams exchange ideas, at every stage of research and investment. The integrated view in I2E, also supports compliance, which allow more effective due diligence of every investment action. I2E is available both as a SaaS subscription as well as a license model

I-Peritus I2E platform addresses the following business needs

  1. Research and organization of all data into a single repository
  2. Investment Support by using investment rules and algorithms to support investment actions and then measure the efficacy of research and back test investment strategies
  3. Compliance through single point access to financial data, documents and media for every company facilitates effective due diligence
  4. Collaboration at every stage – research ideas, research and pricing, inclusion as investment grade, actual investment action
  5. Reporting and Portfolio Analytics for performance analysis, attribution and optimization

I2E facilitates upload of financial data including 10K and 10Q, in CSV, XLS, XML or any transferable data format, into the I2E repository. The platform secures proprietary and non-public data, allowing access only to authorized users. The I2E platform provides research analysts and investment managers, with tools to better manage the research and the investment process.

  • Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Wealth Advisors
  • Stock Brokers
  • Research Firms


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