“If you’re prepared to invest in a company, then you ought to be able to explain why in simple language that a fifth grader could understand, and quickly enough so the fifth grader won’t get bored.” - Peter Lynch

PIXSTOX is a Financial Information and Analytics Platform, to help Investors and Asset Managers systematize their investment methodology, learning from their decisions, improving the rigors of their investments. PIXSTOX provides over 10 years of financial information for companies listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges, including annual and quarterly financial statements, segment revenue details, debt profile and trading data. This data is further used to calculate standard and proprietary ratios and intuitive analytics on the performance of the company. PIXSTOX allows Asset Managers to build multiple intuitive dashboards to view performance in multiple dimensions, including price movements, relationship between price and trades, financial information and credit view, heat map, performance of portfolio and trackless and many more. Asset Managers can also use this data to screen for ideas, build and share proprietary research and link research to investment actions. PIXSTOX also provides detailed information and analysis for Indian Mutual Funds investing in equity asset class.

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PIXSTOX is a Financial Information & Analytics Platform providing Investors and Asset Managers with rich detailed financial information on companies listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges and Indian Mutual Funds. The platform provides unique approach to building multiple Dashboards called Layers, which could be viewed simultaneously. The platform offers evolved Screeners, which allows Investors to mine through the data and analytics content to identify investment opportunities. PIXSTOX also offers Asset Managers with research templates to create their own proprietary research, using PIXSTOX data, host it on the platform and securely sharing it with their clients and followers. PIXSTOX is available as both a User Based Subscription model as well as SaaS on the Cloud.

PIXSTOX provides the following :

  1. Information, Research & Analytics
  2. Over 10+ years of Financial Data with Schedules and associated ratios and analytics for all companies listed on Indian Stock Exchanges and Indian Mutual Funds
  3. Tools to construct multiple views to assist research, screeners to sift through data for opportunities and resources to build knowledge framework
  4. Reporting and Portfolio Analytics for performance analysis and attribution
  5. PIXSTOX facilitates download of financial data including 10K and 10Q, in CSV, XLS, XML or any transferable data format. The platform also facilities secured access to proprietary and non-public data, preventing any unauthorized sharing.
  6. Use of AI and Machine learning to support asset selection and optimization
  • Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Wealth Advisors
  • Stock Brokers
  • Research Firms
  • Individual Investors


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