I-Peritus is a precision analytics business platform to support Asset Managers and Investment Managers in pricing and valuation of assets and performing risk analytics and mitigation. 

The company was set-up in November 2006 and has operations in the USA and India and a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. I-Peritus today has a small team of 25 skilled full time employees and retainers in India and USA. I-Peritus, has proven expertise in

  1. Structured Finance and Securitization extending over several asset categories including RMBS, CMBS, ABS, CLO/CDO and Covered Bonds, issued in USA and Europe
  2. Equity and Equity Derivatives
  3. Modeling for valuation/pricing of assets
  4. Precision analytics for credit modeling, under-writing and recovery analytics
  5. Technology to develop and deliver research and analytics solutions, over cloud, mobile and social platforms, while using popular databases and also big data

I-Peritus is actively engaged in using Technology to build research and valuation oriented solutions for equity and fixed income assets. Ideas2Execute and LoanGrid have been designed by I-Peritus for Asset Managers, to help build repository of research, implementing proprietary valuation techniques, hosting intellectual capital and historical decisions, and tracking performance of decisions and outcomes. Both these products have collaborative and social media tools, workflow and document management engines and support scalability of data and research templates. I2E and LoanGrid, are designed for both license based implementation and SaaS models, affording flexibility of use and better TCO.

At I-Peritus, we work towards improving asset managers' ability to manage complex investment strategies, in a challenging regulatory environment, while dealing with large volume of intricate data from myriad sources. Our solutions deliver scale, quality results and efficiencies, which are based on our competencies in finance, analytics and technology, reducing the total cost of ownership for our clients.

We have been extending our competencies in finance and analytics to partner and help develop platforms for Credit Underwriting in India and Recovery Analytics to assist Debt Buyers and Recovery Companies in the USA and UK. These would add to our product portfolio helping us engage with our clients, with a broad repertoire of solutions centered around valuation and risk.


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