FINALYTIK is the Fixed Income Analytics platform from I-Peritus. The application provides insights into risk and the role of risk in the returns generated in a fixed income portfolio. FINALYTIK uses proprietary risk attribution and analytic models, and suite of tools for scenario management and stress testing.

The platform supports portfolio analytics – from performance analysis to attribution and risk assessment and is designed to support investment management decisions. 

Some salient features of the application includes

  1. Integration with the funds accounting system, processing the uploaded data to provide insights into current and historical portfolio performance.
  2. Supports CXO and Fund Managers to analyze the investment strategy and support decision making for increasing portfolio performance.
  3. Provides insights on portfolio performance and risk vis-à-vis a benchmark OR peer group OR a model portfolio.
  4. Analyzes the impact of duration decisions on portfolio performance. Performance & RISK Attributions tools, would allow users to attribute the scheme against the scheme’s index or another benchmark and even peer schemes.
  5. Allows users to analyze the performance of their decisions in face of interest rate changes, liquidity changes or even allocation changes.
  6. Allows management to review historical performance and analyze investment actions to help formulate better policy and imbibe best business practices. 
  • Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Risk Managers
  • Fixed Income Product Managers


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