LoanGrid is a Precision Analytics Loan Level platform, providing Business Intelligence and using Data Mining techniques for loan selection and building asset backed securities. LoanGrid offers an integrated platform to manage loan level data, in a standardized format, generate performance analysis with cashflow models, stress it to view behavior, price the pools/bonds and measure portfolio performance using risk and attribution analysis. With LoanGrid originators can ease the process of loan selection and make it optimally efficient by using Data Mining algorithms and sharing the performance with investors and potential buyers of these pools or Asset Backed Securities. LoanGrid with VisualModeler provides a unique codeless tool to Structure Bonds, based on the underlying portfolio and deploy multiple scenarios to measure the credit enhancement for desired Credit Ratings and the corresponding price and analytics. The LoanGrid and VisualModeler tools facilitate sharing of periodic performance data with investors, ensuring transparency and building credibility.

LoanGrid hosts loan level data and provides analytics and insights on performance of the individual loans and the pools. Intuitive dashboard interfaces, allow Asset Managers to slice and dice data and perform stratification analysis, static pool analysis, pool performance by vintage and view cashflow with multiple stress and scenarios. Asset Managers can select from the underlying pools to create distinct pools and measure performance for selling downstream or building asset backed securities. The VisualModeler uses the Loan Level data to project cashflow and construct analytics at loan level and aggregate it at pool level and bond level for ABS. @BondBoard computes the monthly prepayment rate, delinquency and default rates and delinquency roll rates for a host of asset types. LoanGrid models are tuned to the underlying portfolio and use several factors including interest rate, property prices, loan size, loan to value ratio and obligor scores to predict behavior. LoanGrid computes the cash flow from individual loans, aggregating it at pool level, which is a valuable metric to assess the impact on the pool they belong to the ABS tranches they support. LoanGrid facilitates upload of loan level data, from originators, trustees or servicers in CSV, XLS, XML or any transferable data format, into LoanGrid. The LoanGrid platform makes it efficient for Asset Managers to sell loan pools and manage periodic performance data, lowering total cost of ownership. LoanGrid uses Big Data framework, Open Source quantitative computing engine, open source Artificial Intelligence platform and is available as a Cloud based SaaS Platform and VisualModeler is a desktop based proprietary Structuring and Cashflow Modeling tool from IPeritus. 

LoanGfid provides the following :

  1. Organizes loan level data into a repository for a simplified view of the loan portfolio
  2. Provides One View on obligors, across asset classes, if data is available
  3. Integrates financial data on projects for Commercial mortgages
  4. Allows effective surveillance
  5. Supports
    1. Reverse engineering of deals using the Deal Structuring tool
    2. Performance analytics
    3. Credit modeling
    4. Cash flow models
    5. Valuation
    6. Scenario modeling
    7. Portfolio analytics
    8. Risk management
    9. Alerts on performance and possible price and rating movements
  6. Use of AI and Machine learning to support asset selection and optimization
  • Asset Managers
  • Banks
  • Non-Banking Finance Companies
  • MFI
  • Issuers of Asset Backed Securities
  • Trustee
  • Investors buying Loan Pool
  • Investors of Asset Backed Securities


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