How we hire

I-Peritus has a simple process for hiring potential teammates. People from different I-Peritus teams and profiles meet up and speak with candidates. These could be over the phone with the recruiter, in the office with the team the candidate would be working with and other people at I-Peritus. The hiring process if a mix of tests, interactions, quizzes, problem solving, communication ability, for we want to ensure you fit in with our teams.

How we interview?

We’re looking for smart, team-oriented people who can get things done. When you interview at I-Peritus, you’ll likely interview with three to five I-Peritians. We look for for four things:

How you think?

We’ll want to know how do you solve problems. We will throw you some situations and cases and watch you share your insights. We are keen to know what you do to solve rather than your solution.

 What do you know?

We seek people who are passionate about a lot of things in their life and not just finance and/or technology. We will definitely make sure you know the knowledge, to fill in your role, and would test you on it through written tests and verbal interactions.

 What drives you?

We would like to know you better, what spurs you, what dulls you down. We want to ensure you thrive at I-Peritus. We would like to understand how you would work and collaborate with other teams and functions.

 How do you mingle?

Are you a leader? Are you a collaborator? Are you a fixer? We would like to know how you worked in different situations to build a team or get a team to deliver.


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